A Note : Eating Korean BBQ with friends……

Earlier this week, my friends and I made an after work trip to one of my favorite Korean BBQ restaurants- Omi Korean Grill and Bar in Carrollton, Texas. Well, actually, let me take that back. It is my favorite all-you-can-eat KBBQ restaurant. I will save my overall favorite one for a later post.

Bethany, Nora and I had a great time! All three of us would give the restaurant a thumbs-up for the atmosphere and service. We were helped immediately, our waitress checked on us frequently and even helped cook some of the meat.

Since both are awesome friends, they helped me out with providing their own reviews! As this was Nora’s first KBBQ experience I wanted to include her thoughts on the restaurant first –

Nora’s Notes:

  • The quality of meat could be better for the price;
  • The quality of sides could be better;
  • The rice was too cold; and,
  • The ribeye option was a bit weak.
  • OVERALL RATING : 3.75/5.

Bethany’s Notes:

  • The pork was very flavorful (side note: she is the only one who tried the pork as Nora and I are Muslim. But, she has great taste in food and I would take her word for it);
  • All-in-all the meat is good; and,
  • She feels like she got the bang for her buck.

My Notes:

  • I appreciate that there are marinated and non-marinated options;
  • The brisket is great, ribeye is okay, chicken is meh;
  • Really on the brisket though, it’s beautiful cuts of meat with equally beautiful marbling;
  • This place has had my favorite sides overall; and,
  • The price seems fine considering the number of options you get.

Because I have been here a few times I will say that the service can be spotty. There have been times where it seems as though our waiter/waitress has disappeared or is annoyed because we asked for more food. Other times, like this time, it is just fine.

Afterwards, we walked over to a cute little establishment called Cocohodo-Premium Walnut Pastry. Sadly, we had overindulged at dinner only one of us was able to fully enjoy dessert. Bethany tried their so boong with taiyaki and loved it!

Bethany’s Notes:

  • The waffle was thick enough to contain the fillings and delicious;
  • The custard was creamy and sweet, but did not overpower the taro ice cream; and,
  • The honey topping was a crazy bonus because it was naturally sweet and froze just a little on top of the taro which made it a little chewy. This brought a great texture to this treat!
  • OVERALL RATING: 100/10

I managed to get a little bit on my finger taking the above picture and Nora took a swipe at it as well. We both wish we had saved some space in our stomachs!

So… yeah, it was greatness, hah!

It was a wonderful night with great food and great friends. I would recommend both establishments and would love to hear feedback from others that have been!

Note: Omi’s All-You-Can-Eat menu is $20.99/person, but they also have an appetizer and entree menu with tons of options.

Photo Credit: Bethany, Nora and I

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