A Note: Plano’s Legacy Food Hall…

Last week, my husband and I decided to start our weekend with a trip to the new Legacy Food Hall in Plano. We were both excited, had empty stomachs, and tried whatever we could in one go-around.

This location has “over 30 unique food and beverage stalls”, live entertainment and “enough taps to satisfy every craft connoisseur…” My husband and I do not drink, so we already can take one third of what they offer out of the mix.We chose to try it out that particular night because the hosts of The Hardline Show, from The Ticket, were going to be broadcasting their show live from the third floor of the hall.

Man, was it packed. I don’t know if that was the normal number of people there on a Thursday night, or if it was the show. But, when it’s flu season and you’ve got a nervous husband, that busy of a crowd can be a bit much. Not to mention, parking was a nightmare. To be fair, if it had been about 20 degrees warmer, I would not have cared. Also, the music plus all the loud talking….maybe I’m just getting to be a too old 29 year old. Regardless, the atmosphere and set up was still pretty neat.Here is what he and I managed to try the first time–


This food stall is located dead-center of the hall. They offer three styles of charcuterie spreads – American, Italia and España. If you would prefer, you can actually take it as a panini instead of a spread. But, seeing as we were just getting started, my husband opted for the spread (called the board on the menu).

He chose the España board which included jamon iberico, manchego cheese, olives, marcona almonds, lemon saffron aioli and grilled tomato bread. Of course, why would the Spanish person chose anything other than the Spanish option, hah.

So, when he and I went to Spain for our honeymoon, we actually took a guided tour of the Museo del Jamon in Barcelona and they taught us a lot about the different qualities of jamon, etc… And, they focused A LOT on jamon iberico. This tour was truly fulfilling all of my husband’s Spanish jamon loving dreams. I don’t think I have ever seen him so excited about anything.

I don’t eat pork, but if I remember the tour guide correctly, jamon iberico has a very distinct look and texture and comes specifically from a black Iberian pig. Again, if I remember correctly, the hoof of the black pig is left to show that the item indeed is jamon iberico – which can be super pricey. Frankly, I think this place is giving you jamon serrano and trying to pass it off as more, which is sad because jamon iberico is my husband’s favorite snack. The color of the meat they serve is significantly lighter than jamon iberico (pink serrano vs dark red iberico) and the leg didn’t have a black hoof at the end. That was almost instantly noticed by both of us. Not to mention, jamon iberico is supposed to be cut in a very specific manner. I think if the people in Spain, who train to cut this particular meat item correctly, saw that the jamon here was being cut in into shavings with a deli meat slicer they would die instantly. But, okay. The rest of the spread was fine.

  • My husband’s rating: 4/5 – he was forgiving of the meat situation and thought the price was fine considering the jamon was probably still imported. $14 for a board.

Red Stix Yakitori and Bahn Mi:

I chose this stall because of some of the great reviews I read on Yelp. Red Stix offers bahn mi and vermicelli bowls with the option of the following proteins: veggies, chicken, pork belly or steak. Seeing as this was my picked location for an appetizer I opted to go with one of their yakitori sticks.

Okay, the picture I took is not flattering by any means, but it was delicious. I went with the steak yakitori. It was juicy, tender and marinated very well. This was a steal for something really good.

  • My rating: 5/5. Seriously, for something that was only $4 (and, I’m rounding up) it was greatness.

Blist’r Naan Wraps:

While eating, walking around and observing I actually ended up running into a couple of people I knew. I also asked each one of them the same question, “Did you try the naan wrap?” Each time I got the same answer, yes and it was not worth the money, but it was fine if I just really wanted to try it at least once. Okay, I am stubborn. I did want to try it, so that’s exactly what I did. Mistake. Not 100% mistake, but maybe 75% mistake.

Naan is a VERY SPECIFIC kind of bread. It is made in a very specific way. So, to say you are serving naan better mean that you are actually serving naan. Sadly, this place is just serving their meals wrapped in a thin roti. It was decent roti, but it was just that –roti.

Approaching the stall, the food smelled really good. I ordered a char-grilled chicken tikka wrap. The presentation was nice (as seen below- please ignore my bad picture taking skills). But, I was disappointed from the first bite on. The food wasn’t really that spicy or flavorful in comparison to homemade Pakistani or Indian food. And, even if it wasn’t meant taste like good ol’ South Asian home cooking flavors, it could have had SOME flavor.

I shared the wrap with my husband and in an attempt to put the filling back into the wrap, he broke the bread. Without the bread, the filling tasted a bit better. Though I was disappointed, my husband really liked it. He is not as into spice or spiciness as I am, he didn’t grow up with it like I did either. For him, this was a good wrap.

  • My husband’s rating: 4/5. He thought it was tame enough for him to really enjoy it. He isn’t a fan of cilantro, so he knocked off a number, but that is more of a personal preference issue.
  • My Rating: 3/5. I was just really let down by the overall flavor. I think if I hadn’t grown up eating  South Asian foods at home, I would have enjoyed it a bit more. But, it was a good amount of food for $9.

Tacos Patron:

Even though my husband and I went out this night with empty stomachs, we were already starting to get kind of full. I think we hit that awkward period where you haven’t eaten, but then you waited too long to eat and then you are immediately full. Anyways, we started pacing ourselves.

Our next stop was Taco Patron. I am a BIG fan of street tacos, but I wanted to try one more place on my own before we attempted to try a dessert. I left this one up to my husband – who actually I don’t think is that big of a fan of street tacos. But, he really liked the one he had here! He ordered the Pastor taco (without the pineapple). He said the meat was seasoned well and the taco stayed together.

  • My husband’s rating: 4/5. Worth the $3 price.

Enter the Bao:

This was last try as a savory option. I have never tried bao before so I have nothing to compare it to. But, the workers here overheard my husband and I trying to decipher what we wanted and they explained the entire dish to us. Had we used our brains more we would have noticed that the full description was on the menu,  hah.

I ordered the K-Pop Bao, and it was meaty goodness! I am a fan, and I will try it again here or anywhere else they may have it. This place was also one of the ones that consistently had a line in front of it. I only ate one, it was pretty filling considering I was still trying to leave some space for a shared dessert. This place also had the best service out of all the places we tried.

  • My husband’s rate: 3.5/5. He was not a fan of the scallions and he thought the bun was too soft.
  • My rating: 5/5. I think I just found my favorite place at Legacy Food Hall! Great for just $5.

Press Waffle Company:

Dessert time! So, we only had a few options here. I think 4 total. My husband actually brought pie slices home from Everett and Elain, but not only was I not able to try a bite later, I wasn’t able to take a picture. I will save that for another trip and another review.

To eat there, we got a waffle from Press Waffle Co. I ordered The Kiddo, no sprinkles. I asked to substitute the sprinkles with strawberry slices instead and they were very accommodating. To be honest, part of the reason I chose this stall is because it had the longest line that I had seen all night. It was a bit of a wait, but it was completely worth it. The waffle was well made, had a great flavor on its own, and the toppings were great. Best part, it didn’t get soggy while we ate it. Granted, we inhaled it, hah. We both compared it to the waffles we had while we were in Amsterdam. I will definitely be posting about that trip later on.

  • Our rating: 4.5/5. $8.

I hope we plan another trip here soon!

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