A note: Chino Chinatown for the Chinese New Year…

So, just to be that one weird person that wants to participate in as much as humanly possible, I dragged my husband out last weekend for some Chinese food to celebrate the Chinese New Year. My first and only option was Chino Chinatown in Dallas. Okay, disclaimer– I have been wanting to try this place for a while, but every time I remembered to make a reservation it was too late! This time I woke up at 8am and made one via OpenTable.

Right off the bat, we were running late. I called the restaurant and let them know we were 10 minutes behind because of the parking situation and they were more than accommodating. We had the option to sit inside or outside. To be immediately seated, we had to go outside. Generally, I’m not a fan of outside seating if it’s under 70 degrees, but okay… and they had outdoor heaters.

We tried the following:

Crab and Lobster Rangoon – I am a big fan of Rangoon, but I’ll admit I’ve had some pretty nasty tasting ones. This is now my favorite one – sorry hole in the wall restaurant that I really like :/ The filling was well seasoned and just creamy/cheesy enough. I don’t really think it needed a dipping sauce, but the sauce was good as well. But, it’s better off on its own. My Rating: 5/5 – Husband’s Rating: I have no idea. He didn’t really have much to say about this dish.

Duck Eggroll – This was my husband’s choice of appetizer and he loved it from what I could tell! I tried one as well and I’ll say this – it was the right proportion of shell v. filling. However, I feel like I got less of the duck meat and more of the other fillings and would have liked to see more duck. But, still overall it was a great eggroll. My Rating: 4/5.

Short Rib Drunken Noodles- I’m going to start with my entrée first. I was really excited to order this dish. I saw some great pictures and great reviews on yelp. Sadly, I don’t think I would order it again. For the price, there was very little meat. I I feel like there was a lot of bell pepper and a lot of noodle, all floating in sauce with very little of everything else. The taste was good, but I was left wanting more of the veggies and meat. My Rating: 3.5/5.

Chino Shaken Beef Noodles- Okay, this is what I wish I ordered, and my husband was smart enough to order this. The proportion of meat, noodle and veggies was great. The flavor had a little bit of an unexpected kick to it, which I loved. And, by the end of this part of our meal I was picking at his plate! My Rating: 4.5/5 – My Husband’s Rating: I don’t know but he must of liked it because he devoured the entire plate!

Also we had chocolate cake for dessert. Please don’t ever ask me to review chocolate cake. I am biased. I love chocolate cake. Thank you

Overall the restaurant was great and the food was good. The staff was pretty attentive. Keep in mind we tried and stuck to the Asian flavors and food, but the restaurant is a Latin-Asian fusion one. I would love to come back and try more!

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